The lyrics explained:


Amariia wrote "Time" in 2018 and the main lyrical theme is "Humanity and the rat-race with time. We are running and the pressure to perform can be murderous. The ticking clock at the beginning of the song and Amariia holding the hourglass in the video symbolise this to great extend. 

"We only live on credit on this beautiful planet" sums up Amariia's intentions and emotions when she wrote the lyrics for the epic song. 

"Time" was arranged and produced by Ivan Luzan from Kyiv, Ukraine. He wrote an arrangement with a layered structure leading to the beautiful instrumental intermezzo towards the end of the song. This song took long to complete as Amariia wanted to achieve great vocal perfection and expression to take us on her "Time" journey. 

The video was shot in Snowdonia, Wales. Amariia felt that the stunning scenery all around her would do justice to the theme of the song. 

Time is running out

Our freedom burried under ground

My demons hiding deep inside

In my illusions running through my veins

Please release my pride

I'm begging

Guide me through the light

Of heaven

Time is the only thing that matters

Running the hourglass of our lives

How many countless minutes 

are left for us?

I'll be ready to go down

Now let's pretend we belong to 

another life

Where the moment is all we are

Time trickling down unforgiving

like grains of sand

If beginning is our end

Close your eyes and lead me

back, away

Find my regrets in the ashes of 

dawn and dusk

Can't you see me I.m falling

Into the miracle rising in front of us

Make us flying and drowning

Slow down time is our illusion we're trapped and now

We confess to what we loved 

Breathing out and screaming loud,

there is no more

Time time time

It's gonna leave us apart

And gonna heal our broken 

Heart heart heart

Across the shadow I go 

Can't get enough

We pray for more

Time is running out 

Can't get enough

Breathing in and out

Dreaming aloud

Time is running out

Can't get enough

Breathing out

Time is running out