• On the 14th of November there is a concert in Kyiv of Amariia in cooperation with three other acts. Fingers crossed that Covid will not ruin it at the last moment. For details see the poster on the Home Page of the website. 

  • Amariia's latest single "HUNTING ILLUSIONS" was released on the 30th of June 2020. The accompanying video features haunting images of the human path to maturity.

  • Ukraine is still in quarantine due to the Corona virus so unfortunately any live appearances are at the moment not yet possible but the situation is slowly starting to improve. Keep an eye out please on her Instagram Account and here on the website for updates.

  • Amariia is a great admirer of the American singer Taylor Momsen so she decided to cover "Heart" from "The Pretty Reckless". The video went live on You Tube on the 26th of May 2020 and you can find the link here on the site.

  • In collaboration with other musicians Amariia is working on various songs at the moment in preparation for the debut album to be released in 2021.