Amariia is a multi style singer-songwriter and performer from Kiev, Ukraine. 


In her early twenties and a native from her home town she is now expanding her career in popular music to an international level. 


Amariia her musical roots go back to her childhood when her father played the guitar and she learned to sing and play the piano. Ukraine, being a crossroads of Western and Eastern culture, influenced her in many different ways and let her musically mature with great diversity and passion. 


From young age Amariia was active as a singer and song-writer in various local bands. In the summer of 2011 she teamed up with guitarist and arranger Ilya Kaplunenko to form the rock duo In.Vade. This cooperation lead in 2016 to the release of their debut CD called “Echoes of your Reflection.” Both band members contributed songs to this album which was produced by Soncesvit Studio.

The music has various influences ranging from alternative and gothic rock to new wave.

Amariia  performed on this album with great stamina and her sensual and deeply warm voice carried the songs to a level comparable with many West European and American contemporary rock artists. 


 In 2020 Amariia cooperates with various Ukrainian musicians producing both original material and some of her favourite cover songs. A new album will be released later this year. 


 In 2018 "Amariia" wrote the song called “Time” of which the accompanying video, that was shot in Snowdonia, Wales, was released in the autumn of 2019. “Time” was produced and arranged by Ivan Luzan (Soncesvit Studio) who created an exciting “layered” build up that takes the listener through the various stages of “Time.” The arrangement is very modern and impactful yet it is very melodic and with sufficient dynamic variation to allow a few moments to contemplate “Time” ...


“Intuition is my musical strength” could rank as Amariia her favourite musical quote, describing her way of working when she is writing and recording. She doesn’t like to tie her self down to “this is the way it is done.” Amariia is a very spontaneous musician who can and will at times create on the spot. This is one of her great strengths and leads to a very original and innovative approach.  


Asked about her future plans she says that she is excited to write further material that is from the heart and will entice a wider audience. Her unique personality and original style combined with her great zeal for life will for sure contribute to her further and enduring success.